Artist’s Statement

Current Projects

  1. 1.The Things of Life

  2. 2.Worship Pieces

  3. 3.Portraits

  4. 4.Diakonia: A Brief History

  5. 5.Working with Individuals and Groups

Intermittent classes will be scheduled in the New Year.

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My engagement with art began early in life and was enhanced by studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, the Ottawa School of Art, and years of independent study. Those years of art assignments and commissions were invaluable. The concentrated time in the diaconal stream at the Centre for Christian Studies brought together a passion for art and an unquenchable desire to work with others as we explore our relationship with each other and with Creation.

As a Diaconal Artist and a Candidate for Ministry, I bring my liturgical artwork into the worship experience. I also work with individuals and groups as they explore and express their own understanding of  ‘God in the world.‘  

In our society, the average person believes that making art is beyond them. Many artists and art therapists disagree. They believe that the making of art is a deep-seated need in every human being. Making art allows us to converse with that part of ourselves we are not able or willing to acknowledge.

Long before humans had language, we know that  artists used images to communicate. Archaeologists have recently discovered artist’s tool kits containing hand made pastels dating back to 100,000 years ago . These early artists helped strengthen and heal the community during difficult times. By making the invisible visible, the artist in a pre-language world, unveiled internal fears, untangled volatile emotions, and unraveled the mysteries of the world. The artist inspired courage, healed the sick and sought solutions to complex problems. 

Today we are realizing that wellness begins when we visualize our internal fears, anxieties, hopes and dreams. We can access these hidden aspects of our personality by making art. The images we create become sacred artifacts that tell us who we are. They change how we understand ourselves in relationship to the world. They help us to know ourselves more deeply. For me, this is a fulfilling, enriching and life-giving journey.


Artist’s Statement